2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Hannibal Board of Public Works commissioned GreatBlue Research to conduct comprehensive research among our residential and commercial customers to gain a deeper understanding into their perceptions of and satisfaction with water quality and water services provided by the utility. 

The primary goal of this survey was to assess water-related experiences with the utility, perceptions of and concerns over the presence of ammonia in the utility’s water, and issues faced with respect to Stormwater. 

GreatBlue implemented a mixed-methodology consisting of 509 telephone surveys among a random sampling of Hannibal’s residential and commercial customers.  GreatBlue also conducted a digital survey among Hannibal’s customers, receiving a total of 305 completed responses online through a URL link to the survey through the HBPW website.  A total of 814 completed surveys were collected (708 residential and 106 commercial). 

Below are a few of the Key Findings that the results produced.  You can also download the complete survey HERE

Thank You to all HBPW customers that took time to answer questions on the phone or online.  These surveys enable the utility to better understand the needs and opinions of it's customers so that the Board of Directors and staff can better serve the citizens of Hannibal.  

Key Findings