7th Annual Public Utilities Week Celebration

10/9/2017 at 8:00 am





Every year, municipals around the country take part in a week-long national celebration of public power's hometown advantages. This year Missouri municipal utilities are joining many others across America in celebrating Public Utilities Week this October.

The Hannibal Board of Public Works is proud to have joined forces with other Missouri Municipals in celebrating this wonderful event!

For a full schedule of our weeklong celebration, please click HERE.

The Public Power Advantage...

Municipal owned utilities have been providing electric power to Missourians and the State's economy since 1881. That's a long history considering that just a generation or two ago, people still marveled at electricity's uses and improvements to their lives. After all, it was just two years earlier in 1879 that the first electric company sold electricity to customers and it wasn't until the 1940's that our country was fully electrified.

The HBPW wants to take this opportunity to remind you of the benefits that municipal electric utilities in Missouri bring to their citizens, communities and state. Missouri more than doubles the average number of municipal-owned utilities by state. These utilities are operated by local governments as a public service, with the mission of providing electricity in a reliable manner, at a reasonable cost, and with proper protection of the environment.

Some advantages of being a municipal-owned utility are:

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