Facility Improvements

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

In May 2011, the HBPW received a Notice of Violation from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources pertaining to sanitary sewer overflows during extended high river levels.  HBPW was required to hire an engineer to study ways to eliminate the use of the constructed SSO, and a 15-year schedule has been worked out between HBPW and MDNR.    During this same time a variety of improvements were planned to extend the life of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The majority of the project centered on the Grit and Dewatering Building.  The goal of the project was to complete needed improvements to obtain another 20+ years out of the G&D building, as well as bring the building into compliance with the NFPA 820.  These improvements consisted of: 
•    Upgraded controls, which will allow us to reduce staff
•    Updated electrical equipment at G&D building to become compliant with new electrical code
•    Updated HVAC system at G&D building
•    Installed automatic transfer on both electrical feeds
•    Replaced all seven roofs at the WWTP

Water Treatment Plant Improvements

The HBPW Water Treatment Plant (Filter Plant) was able to meet all water regulation standards until the end of 2012, when the plant started producing disinfection byproducts above the EPA new drinking water standards.  A complete regulatory review was performed on the water system and found that the majority of improvements needed at the Water Treatment Plant fell into four major categories:

•    Regulatory compliance with disinfection byproducts (DBPs), Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR), and residuals
•    Aged infrastructure
•    Unit process deficiencies and operability
•    Treatment performance issues and chemical storage issues

Improvement Plans

To view the HBPW proposed five year plan of capital improvements for the sewer department, please click HERE.

To view the Executive Summary and the Recommended Interim and Long Term Improvement Plans of the Water System Facility Plan Engineering Report, please click on the links below.

Executive Summary


Several options for financing were presented to the Hannibal Board of Public Works. 
Loans – HBPW would qualify for loans from the MDNR State Revolving Loan Fund and various sources of private financing such as bonds and lease purchases. 
Grants – Additional funding would also be available through Missouri DNR for engineering services to complete plans and specifications for planning improvements; however the level of funding and what the requirements were at that time were still unknown. 
User Charges – HBPW could increase monthly customer charges for its rate payers in increments over the next three years. 

Bond Vote and Outcome

On August 6, 2013, Hannibal residents voted on a $13-million water bond issue and a $9-million sewer bond issue to finance critical improvements through low-interest Revenue Bonds.  State law required voter approval to utilize Revenue Bonds.  If the measure failed, the HBPW would remain obligated to complete the projects and would have to utilize higher cost lease financing.  Click HERE to read the Proposition W and Proposition S brochure.  A public hearing was held on March 27, 2013 to discuss the environmental impact of the public water supply improvement project. 

Sheet
Public Hearing Minutes

The voters approved Proposition W by a margin of 794-94, and Proposition S on a vote of 779-94.  The total number of votes comprised of 7.74% of Hannibal's total registered voters. 

Letters to the Editor

The following links contain articles that were written by HBPW General Manager, Robert Stevenson, and placed in the Hannibal Courier Post’s Guest Column over a series of thirteen weeks.  These articles were written to educate Hannibal citizens on what the issues were and payment options that the HBPW faced. 

  1. May 8, 2013:  Clean Water Challenges Coming to Hannibal
  2. May 15, 2013:  Who Funds Unfunded Mandates?
  3. May 22, 2013:   How Clean is Clean Enough?
  4. May 29, 2013:  Choices Have Consequence for Hannibal
  5. June 5, 2013:  How Old is Too Old?
  6. June 12, 2013:  Stuff in the Water Must Come Out
  7. June 19, 2013:  Consider Borrowing Money to Upgrade Our Water System
  8. June 26, 2013:  Board of Public Works Considers Financing Options
  9. July 3, 2013:  Board of Public Works Details Use of Bond Funds
  10. July 10, 2013:  no title
  11. July 15, 2013:  HBPW Schedules Public Meetings to Discuss Bonds
  12. July 24, 2013:  It’s Time To Decide
  13. August 1, 2013:  HBPW Seeks Voters to Approve Bond Sale in August 6th


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