Fire Hydrant Testing

The Hannibal Board of Public Works (HBPW) will begin the annual flow testing of fire hydrants and water main flushing the first week of April 2017, and continue for approximately 6 months until complete.  Flow testing will take place from approximately 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday (except some holidays).

The drinking water may become discolored during the testing process.  If this occurs, please run the cold water in a bathtub for approximately 10 minutes.  If the cloudiness does not clear, please call the HBPW dispatch at 573-221-0955 to notify us of the issue.

Below are testing dates with corresponding location details.

May 11-19, 2017

Crew 1:  Palmyra Road/Route W south to Stardust and east Munger to Veterans Road.

Crew 2:  south Broadway to Colfax and south 3rd St west to Maple Ave. 

May 8-10, 2017

Crew 1:  Highway 36/72 north to Palmyra Road and west McMasters Ave to Central Ave.  Then to west McMasters Ave to Munger and north Stardust to Rt W and Palmyra Road.

Crew 2:  Market to Settles and Broadway to Levering then moving to Market and east Marion to East St and south Gordon to Elzea. 

May 2-5, 2017

Crew 1:  North Hill St to Marsh, Central St to St. Mary's Ave/McMasters

Crew 2:  Finishing up on Hill St (south) to Broadway, west 9th St to Grand Ave.  Then west Grand Ave to Lamb, south Broadway to Market St.

April 24-28, 2017

Crew 1:  Broadway to Mark Twain Ave and Main St to North 9th.

Crew 2:  North 7th St to Country Club and Pleasant to Grace St. 

April 20-21, 2017

Crew 1:  Highway 168, at Highway 61 going north to River Road.  Including areas of Oak Ridge Pond and El Rancho.  Continuing to Country Club to Fairview Pleasant to Hayden Park Lane. 

Crew 2:  Oakwood area, Warren Barrett north to Market St, and from Highway 61 east to Orchard Ave.  Continuing to Market St north to Tilden and Morton east to Singleton. 

April 14-19, 2017

Crew 1:  Pleasant to Cardiff and Mark Twain Ave to Summer.  Then Mark Twain Ave to North St and Grand Ave to North 5th and immediate surrounding areas. 

Crew 2:  Market St to Tilden and Highway 61 to Singleton.  Then Warren Barrett to Market St and Singleton to 29th and immediate surrounding areas. 

April 5-13, 2017

Crew 1:  Water Filter Plant (Riverview Park) to Harrison Hill, Hannibal LaGrange University, including all areas north of Harrison Hill/Palmyra Road such as Orchard Point, Bay Ave, Luther Lane, Pulliam and College. 

Crew 2:  Broadway, Virginia, Levering, Lamb, Hawkins, St. Mary's Ave, Biers Lane, Helen, Clinic Road, and Westover Rd.