Sewer Capacity Investigation / Smoke Testing

Hannibal Board of Public Works to Perform Sewer Capacity Investigation

October 23, 2017 - The Hannibal Board of Public Works has contracted Trekk Design Group to perform sewer capacity investigation of the sanitary sewer system in areas generally north of Pleasant Street and west of Country Club Drive on the east side of McMasters Avenue and the area generally north of Highway MM on the west side of McMasters Avenue.  The investigation will be completed in two phases, the first being completion of Smoke Testing and the second being Sump Pump Inspections. 

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The smoke vapor blown into the manholes and sewers is NON-TOXIC, HARMLESS AND CREATES NO FIRE HAZARD.  To read more about the specific type of smoke used, click HERE


As testing locations are determined each week, the HBPW will post these locations below. 

10/25/17:  Pioneer Trail from MM to West Ely Road 

10/26/17:  West Ely Road, starting at Settlers Trail and moving East

10/30/17:  Highway 61, Hannibal Public Schools and surrounding area

11/07/17:  El Rancho Subdivision, north along Highway 168 to County Road 404

11/08/17:  Woodland Acres

11/09/17:  Hannibal LaGrange University

11/14/17:  Orchard Point Road, north of Palmyra Road, including Wyaconda, Prospect Ave, Luther Ln, and Bay Ave

11/16/17:  Downtown Hannibal, from North Street to south and east of 3rd Street; South Main Street and along Bear Creek between the river and east of 8th Street

11/17/17:  Walmart, Huck Finn Shopping Center

11/20/17-11/24/17:  No Smoke Testing will be performed this week. 

12/01/17:  south of Brookside Drive, west of Central Ave, north of 72 and east of Highway 61

12/04/17:  Two smoke testing locations will occur today.

Location 1:  North to Arapaho St, south to 36/72, east to McMasters Ave, and west to Cheyenne Ave.

Location 2:  North to 36/72, south to Bradley Ave, east to Euclid Ave, and west to McMasters Ave.