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Below is a quick reference site map to the entire Hannibal Board of Public Works website.  Please use this page as a guide as you navigate through the site. 

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Home Page
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About Us
•    History of HBPW
•    Kudos Column
•    FAQs
Board of Directors
•    Board Meetings

Annual Report

Customer Service
     •    New Resident Info
          o    Other Helpful Links
     •    Pay Your Bill
     •    Billing and Payment Info
          o    How to Read Your Bill
          o    Billing Statement Terms
          o    Rates and Service Policies
     •    Project Share & Care
     •    Additional Services

Utility Rates

     •   Electric Department
          o    How to Report Power Outage      •    Sewer Department
     •    Water Department
          o    Checking for Water Leaks
          o    No Water / Low Pressure

     •  Flags in Your Yard?
Boil Orders
     •    Boil Order Instructions

Outage Reports

Facility Improvements


Power Supply In Hannibal

Community Outreach
     •    Public Utilities Week
          o    PUW 2013
          o    PUW 2014

o   2015

o   2016

     •    4th of July Parade

     •    School Presentations
     •    Adopt-A-Highway


Document Requests & Bid Info
     •    Records Request
     •    Water Quality Report
     •    Bid Information
          o    Bid Forms
     •    Design Criteria
•    Benefits Package

Contact Us
     •    Non-Urgent Concerns
     •    General Feedback

     •    Damage Claims Process
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