Welcome to SmartHub

HBPW offers the latest technology to assist you in managing your utility usage any time of the day or night from a  web browser or from a smart device using a free application.

With SmartHub you can:

SmartHub lets you manage all aspects of your utility account.  Creating an online account takes less than 5 minutes.  Enter your account and profile information, select Hannibal Board of Public Works as a provider and you are ready to begin.

SmartHub is easy to navigate.  It is simple and quick to make a payment or view your usage.  You can choose to receive email or text alerts on your accounts activity as well.

SmartHub provides a safe and secure environment for payment transactions between your financial institution and our office.

From a broswer you can go to the HBPW SmartHub site and click the link labled New User .  This site is designed for customers that wish to create an online profile which requires a valid email address and account related information.

If you desire to just make a payment with no registration required, visit the HBPW SmartHub Pay Now site.  This interface only requires the account number and the last name on the account.

From your smart device you can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace.

iOS Users

Scan this QR code to access SmartHub in the Apple iTunes App Store.

Android Users

Scan this QR code to access SmartHub in the Android Marketplace.


Should you have any questions about the SmartHub application, please contact our business office at 573-221-8050 or send email to billing@hannibalbpw.org.

Need to change your password? 

For iOS users, download PDF instructions HERE

For Android users, download PDF instructions HERE