Water Department

Meet Our Water Crew

Throughout the year, the water crew is busy maintaining and repairing city water lines.  Maintaining the water supply to customers involves several responsibilities such as:
•    Maintenance and repair to water mains and services
•    Installation of water mains and services
•    Maintenance of fire hydrants for fire protection
•    Installation of water service for new construction
•    Meter change-outs
•    Valve change-outs
•    Occasional maintenance of water towers and pumps
The crew is responsible for these tasks year-round.  However, during months of low temperature, the crew can be found repairing frozen water meters along with broken water pipes. 

Hydrant Flushing

Periodically, the HBPW water crew will release water from fire hydrants.  Hydrant flushing is necessary to make sure adequate flow and pressure is available.  Flushing is also done to remove any sediment from the pipes in order to maintain water clarity and quality in the distributing pipes.  Occasionally water becomes discolored after hydrant flushing.  If this happens, run cold tap water for a few minutes until the water clears. 

Education and Training

Each member of the water crew is a certified pipefitter, of which there are three levels – A, B, & C.  Each is also required to maintain a level 1, 2, or 3 Distribution System License and have a certain amount of hours of training they need to maintain their license.   Along with these certifications, the HBPW holds multiple trainings throughout the year that encourages continued education. 

Meet Our Meter Department

The HBPW Meter Department is responsible for maintaining and repairing all residential, commercial, and industrial meters for all HBPW customers.  This involves:


Water Treatment Plant

Hannibal’s original Water Treatment Plant (Filter Plant) was built in 1879.  Major improvements to the Plant were made in 1924, 1965 and 1995.  Upon completion of the improvements in 1995, the plant was able to meet current water regulation standards, and the finished water capacity was increased to 7.5 million gallons per day.  Since that time the plant has been improved to address specific issues that had arisen either from regulatory requirements or to address process deficiencies.  Some of these improvements included the addition of air scour to the filters, replacement of gas chlorine with liquid sodium hypochlorite, replacement of the transfer pumps, and the construction of a new clearwell. 

New EPA regulations have caused the Hannibal Board of Public Works to perform an extensive regulatory review of the Water Treatment Plant and major improvements are underway to meet these new regulations as well as update the Plant's aged infrastructure. 

To learn more about the EPA regulations and the construction process, click HERE.

Water Treatment Plant Process Diagram

To download a PDF version of the WTP Process Diagram, please click HERE