Checking for Water Leaks

A water leak can be very costly, especially if it is not caught early.  Knowing what steps you can take at home can potentially save you from receiving an unexpected monthly bill.  Below are a few recommendations to try before contacted the HBPW. 

**Note:  We do not recommend checking for leaks at the meter.  Although there is a leak indicator on each water meter, most meters are located outside the home making it hard to access.  If your water meter is located outside, please contact the HBPW for assistance in checking for a water leak. 

Water Line Repairs...Who is Responsible? 

City main lines are generally located just outside property lines.  The homeowner is responsible for water lines from the main to the house.  Any repairs and/or damage cause by water line breaks in the house or under the yard are the responsibility of the homeowner/property owner.