What is Net Metering?

Are you trying to decide to purchase a renewal energy source like solar panels for your home?  This process can seem complicated when you are dealing with an installer and how that relates to the HBPW.  Although the investment in solar energy is not for everyone, we want to help inform you to make your decision.

Listed below is a brief list of information to think about as you begin to assess net metering needs.  Please research all of your options when it comes to the solar equipment and finding a certified installer.  Ensure the end solution is properly sized for your home or sized based on the amount of energy you wish to offset.  Make contact with your home insurance provider to see how your coverage could potentially be impacted by the installation of solar.

Net metering is a process used to determine the total amount of energy provided to a customer by the HBPW and the energy provided to the HBPW by the customer.

You have completed the installation of solar and are a customer of HBPW.  We will net calculate your net monthly usage against your monthly generated amount produced and delivered back to the grid for each billing cycle.  If your consumption is more than what you produced, you will be billed the difference based on the current rate.  If you produce more than you consume within the month, you will receive a credit to your account to be used within the next 12 rolling months.

1,200 kWh Delivered ----- 1,300 kWh Generated ----- 100 kWh Net Credit Applied to Account

1,200 kWh Delivered ----- 1,000 kWh Generated ----- 200 kWh Billed Usage to be Paid

No matter the amount your system generates, you will still need to pay HBPW's fixed electric customer charge.  This cost allows the HBPW to offset a portion of the operating costs for related equipment such as poles, wires and meters to keep your power supply safe and reliable.  The net metering credits are not applied against this base fee.

The HBPW's metering technology allows the meter to record the amount of energy consumed by your meter.  As power is consumed, the meter rotates forward just like a car's odometer to record miles traveled.  The net meter contains two registers to measure or record energy consumed and produced.

If you are considering the installation of a renewable energy generation system, please contact our office with any questions.  By law, you are also required to inform and work with our office prior to installation or connection to the HBPW power grid to ensure safety requirements are met.  Please download the Net Metering Application form and let us know if you have any further questions.

Before installing solar panels, you can reduce your energy usage and save through different methods of efficiency.  Efficiency means using less energy to produce the same amount of power.  Be sure to review our Ways To Save.

Net Metering