It is important to keep our streams clean. Excessive pollution can have detrimental impacts on a stream’s ecosystem. A greater awareness of the importance of clean water for all plants and animals should help remind us to take better care for our resources. That’s why the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Department of Natural Resources and the Conservation Federation of Missouri joined to develop the Missouri Stream Team Program in 1989 (http://www.mostreamteam.org). Promoting citizen awareness and involvement, Stream Team is a hands-on program for people who want to learn about, care for, and protect local waterways.

Streams are everywhere in Hannibal. Chances are you have one in your own backyard or live within minutes of a local waterway. It’s important to know that water from parking lots and streets is not treated at the local wastewater treatment plant; and all trash and litter that goes down a storm drain ends up in our local streams.

The 1819 Hannibal Stream Team coordinates city stream and creek cleanups to help minimize the impacts stormwater pollution in the city. Each piece of street litter finds its way to our watershed and the litter created here in Hannibal affects the environment around the world. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about volunteering for Stream Team events, contact the Stormwater Department. We would love to hear from you.

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