Power restoration efforts are continuing however due to declining weather conditions, our progress has been slowed.  We have called in additional tree trimming crews to address the many downed trees and limbs being affected by the ice and snow load.  We have also reached out to our mutual aid partners to send additional electric line crew personnel to speed up our recovery efforts however current road conditions across the state are slowing their response.

Our dispatch centering has been fielding calls since 5:00am this morning and additional staff has been brought in to assist however the call volume has continued to increase throughout the afternoon so customers may have a difficult time reaching our operators on the first attempt.  We are continuing to staff our dispatch center with additional staff 24/7 and will address all calls as they are received.

If you have any damage to your electric service or meter base to your home or business, we are advising you to contact an electrician to further assess any damages.  This will aid in the overall restoration process.  If you are a renter, please reach out to your landlord if you have issues with your service entrance cable or meter base.

If you see any downed power lines in your area, please do not approach them.  Contact our dispatch center so our crews and assess the situation.  Please do not assume the power line is de-energized.

At this time, we are unable to predict when power will fully be restored to each area.  Some areas that experienced wide-spread damage due to tree limbs or broken poles, will take longer to repair.  Some areas which we have already repairs earlier today are again experiencing outages because of snow and ice accumulation.  This may mean restoration to those areas could occur sometime tomorrow.

If you have a medical necessity, please contact the local emergency room for additional guidance.  If you or someone within your care requires oxygen and you do not have adequate backup supply, again please contact the emergency room or local medical supply organizations for further assistance.

Please continue to contact our dispatch center at 573-221-0955 to report any issues.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to restore service.

Monitor our social media outlets such as Facebook or our website for continued updates.