01/03/2021 – IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 6:00 PM


The HBPW has now downgraded emergency efforts to a continued monitoring and individual response status.  The constant restoration efforts from all parties involved have allowed us to reach a point where the only services still in need of restoration are ones needing significant repair before our crews can perform reconnection.  This type of response is done out of caution and safety for the overall electric network and for the safety and well-being of each customer.

All crews will remain on stand-by for any reconnection of services or to respond to any additional isolated outages.  Please be aware that due to current weather conditions and the forecasted increase in temperatures, there is a possibility for additional isolated events due to the thawing of ice and snow on trees.

Please continue to contact our dispatch center at 573-221-0955 if you have any questions about your service or wish to report downed lines or tree related issues.  Since this event took place over an extended holiday weekend, should our commercial and industrial customers find issues when opening for business on Monday, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

As always, we are grateful for the patience and understanding our customers have shown during this challenging event.