Persistent and extreme cold weather has led to larger than normal demand for electricity within our region and across the nation.  Early signs show trends that energy prices are going to drastically increase in the coming months.  We are asking our customers to try and do their part to conserve usage to lessen the demand for energy.  Simple changes can make a positive impact in the City’s combined monthly consumption of electricity.

We want to ensure our customers the HBPW is using all means necessary to continue to secure energy on the open market at the best value possible however the recent spike in demand is projected to increase the overall cost.  Help the City of Hannibal reduce the overall demand for power by doing what you can to conserve.  We have not received any request from our suppliers to activate any extreme power grid saving measures such as rolling brownouts.  Our system wide usage is constantly monitored, and we are operating well within our normal operational range.

We know the past two weeks of abnormal temperatures has impacted daily routines.  We also realize the increase usage may cause our customers monthly utility bill to be higher than expected.  We want our customers to know our customer service department is available to address your needs and help with making payment arrangements if necessary.  If you have any concerns, please contact our office at 573-221-8050.

We encourage our customers to monitor or social media outlets for energy saving tips over the next several weeks.  Everyone making small adjustments in their daily habits will help to conserve and reduce monthly utility expenses.