On Thursday, June 6th, the HBPW welcomed 14 girls to learn about electric, water, and sewer services through Douglass Community Services’ Kids in Motion Summer Program! The girls had the opportunity to complete a lab activity and go on a tour at our Water Treatment Plant. They also had the chance to see how the sewer RV car helps our crews maintain Hannibal’s sewer system! The morning concluded with an electric demonstration at our main building along with fun goodie bags! We had a blast hosting this group and look forward to our next group of boys on Tuesday, June 25th!


*Lance Kendrick, Facilities Supervisor, explains how this computer system helps Water Treatment Operators supervise various pumps and operations at the Water Treatment Plant.


*Bob Dillon and Caleb Jameson, Sewer Crew, explain how the sewer RV car works and how it helps their crew maintain Hannibal’s sewer system.