Fire Hydrant Testing

June 10, 2019 – Hannibal, MO – The Hannibal Board of Public Works (HBPW) will be fire hydrant testing as part of its regular maintenance program. The testing is scheduled to begin approximately June 10, 2019 and continue for 30 days or until complete.

Fire hydrant testing is performed annually to obtain operational information for each fire hydrant.  Information gathered during this process is used by the Fire Department when fighting fires, as part of the ISO rating and by the HBPW in determining where future improvements can be made to improve the distribution system.

  • Possible Noticeable Effects:
    • It is important to understand that during testing there may be some discoloration or cloudiness in the water. If this is experienced you may want to run the water through the cold water faucet of a bathtub or outside water spigot until it clears.
    • Minor pressure fluctuations and small air pockets may also be experienced. Fire hydrant flushing should remove a majority of the color and odor, but some may reach customer lines during the process.
  • Is the Water Safe to Drink?
    • Yes, the water is safe to drink throughout this process.
    • Discoloration in laundry is possible during this time. Cleaning additives are readily available at local stores to help prevent or remove any discoloration that may occur.

Customers with any questions concerning the fire hydrant testing may call (573) 221-0955.  Hydrant testing locations will be posted regularly to the Hannibal Board of Public Works website at


Fire Hydrant Testing Locations

*Please note, all dates and locations are schedule to change due to weather.  

June 10-14, 2019:  Riverview Park going west on Palmyra Road, Palmyra Road to Marion County 911 Center, Highway 61 going north to Butternut subdivision, Hannibal La-Grange University, Wyaconda, Oak Ridge Pond

June 14-16, 2019:  Butternut north to County Road 410 including River Road, Highway 168