June 24, 2019 – Hannibal, MO – The Hannibal Board of Public Works held a public meeting for its customers on June 17, 2019 to discuss rate changes and receive public comments for the proposed changes.

The Water rate increase was proposed to be spread out between all classes totaling approximately 3.5% in new revenue.  It is consistent with the utility’s five-year rate plan to pay for capital improvements to the Water Treatment Plant, the loss of a large wholesale customer, and general inflation.  The plan, released in the spring of 2018, proposes Water rates to increase each July at approximately 3.5% and each January at approximately 7.5%.  The net effect on this increase to residential customers is approximately $1.43/ month.

There was also a proposal to reduce Electric Rates modestly to some Industrial Customers.  The proposal was to redefine the Utility’s Large Industrial User Rate category, which would lower the monthly peak demand requirement from 4,000 kW to 1,000 kW and remove the load factor requirement for qualifying customers.  This redefinition would expand the number of industries that qualify for this rate category.  Heath Hall, HBPW General Manager, stated during the meeting that “Four industries will now qualify for this rate class with the opportunity for more to be included should some of the large buildings on Industrial Drive be used at their capacities once again”.

Another proposed change affecting the Electric rates is to eliminate power factor correction penalties that affect some Industrial Customers.  Both of the proposed Electric rate adjustments are reductions to the affected customers.

No Sewer rate increases were proposed.

The rate adjustments were approved unanimously by the Board at the meeting immediately following the public hearing, and will take effect on July 2, 2019.

For more information about the Hannibal Board of Public Works visit WWW.HANNIBALBPW.ORG.


Current and future rates can be found on the Billing & Utility Rates page at www.hannibalbpw.org.