May 29, 2019 – Hannibal, MO – The Hannibal Board of Public Works has hired Westrum Leak Detection, Inc. to perform leak detection services on Hannibal’s water distribution system.  Westrum will be testing throughout the day until dusk, and will be driving a red caravan or a small motorcycle.

Leak detection technology allows the utility to pinpoint leaks without the hassle and expense of digging up water pipes.  Listening devices will be utilized on valves, hydrants, and meters throughout the city.  This type of leak detection allows for a more precise location of the leak, making it easier to fix.

Leak detection will be performed throughout the month of June and will not affect water service for any HBPW customer.

For questions or comments regarding this program, please contact the Water Distribution Supervisor, Gene Majors, at (573) 221-8050 ext 6021.