Water System Flush Announcement

May 30, 2018 – Hannibal, MO – The Hannibal Board of Public Works (HBPW) will be flushing the water distribution system as part of its regular maintenance program. The flushing is scheduled to begin approximately June 4, 2018 and continue for approximately 30 days.  The system flush will be performed in conjunction with a temporary use of free chlorine and fire hydrant testing.

The system flush is intended to remove sediment from the pipes and distribute free chlorine throughout the entire water piping system.  These items are standard practice.  During this time period, ammonia will not be utilized as part of the drinking water disinfection process.  Instead only free chlorine will be used.

Fire hydrant testing will be completed in conjunction with the system flush to obtain operational information for each fire hydrant.  Information gathered during this process is used by the Fire Department when fighting fires, as part of the ISO rating and by the HBPW in determining where future improvements can be made to improve the distribution system.

  • Possible Noticeable Effects:
    • It is important to understand that during this temporary change there may be some discoloration or cloudiness in the water and possibly a change in the smell or taste of the water. If this is experienced you may want to run the water through the cold water faucet of a bathtub or outside water spigot until it clears.
    • Minor pressure fluctuations and small air pockets may also be experienced. Fire hydrant flushing should remove a majority of the color and odor, but some may reach customer lines during the process.
  • Is the Water Safe to Drink?
    • Yes, the water is safe to drink throughout this process. 
    • Discoloration in laundry is possible during this time. Cleaning additives are readily available at local stores to help prevent or remove any discoloration that may occur.
    • Customers who use tap water for kidney dialysis at home should consult their doctor to advise them if any changes are necessary in their residual disinfectant neutralization procedures.
    • Customers utilizing the water for aquariums should monitor both free and combined chlorine residuals as levels are expected to change during the course of the flushing.
    • Any odor and color issues will be nuisance only, which will subside as the flushing is completed.
    • If low water volume or pressure is experienced, cleaning of sink aerators, refrigerator water filters and whole house filters may be necessary.

Customers with any questions concerning the water system flushing may call (573) 221-0955 to speak with someone about your concerns.