Power Supply in Hannibal

The Hannibal Board of Public Works generated electric power from 1903 to 1973.  Flood damage and increasing environmental regulations, however, rendered power plant rebuilding impractical.  Since 1973, all electricity has been purchased from investor owned suppliers. 

The Board of Public Works is a total requirement customer of Illinois Power Marketing (formerly Ameren Energy Marketing), and we purchase in excess of 200,000,000 KWH annually.  The HBPW is currently under a three-year purchase power agreement with Illinois Power Marketing (IPM) for full service requirements.  The contract runs through May 2017. 

In addition, the HBPW maintains Hannibal’s approximately 160 miles of electric line, 6 substations, and more than 1,700 streetlights.  There are two main substations that feed the City of Hannibal – Marion Substation (located by Sawyers Creek) and West Substation (located by Fiddlestiks). 

New Federal Regulations have de-regulated the electric industry, granting all purchasers open access to transmission systems, thereby creating open competition among power generation companies.  Regional constraints on power purchase were removed.

Clean Line Energy Partners

Updated:  3/15/16

Recently, the HBPW was approached by Clean Line Energy Partners who are developing a series of transmission lines that have the potential to deliver thousands of megawatts of low-cost renewable power from the windiest areas of the United States to communities and cities that lack access to clean energy resources.  Currently, the HBPW has signed no contract with Clean Line Energy Partners. 

Download a pdf version of the Wind Resource Map HERE.

HBPW Board Members and staff are reviewing all information concerning Clean Line Energy Partners, and will keep the public aware of updates throughout the process.  Board meeting minutes can be found HERE

The following links are documents extracted from the Missouri Public Service Commission website that are related to their decision to deny Clean Line Energy access through Missouri. 

PSC - Clean Line, Final Report and Order, July 1,2015

Chairman Robert Kenney Dissenting Opinion

Commissioner Hall Dissenting Opinion

Cross-Surrebuttal Testimony of Matt Langley

Direct Testimony of Michael P. Skelly


Letters to the Editor

The following links contain articles that were written by HBPW General Manager, Robert Stevenson, and placed in the Hannibal Courier Posts's Guest Column.  These articles were written to educate Hannibal citizens on what we, Hannibal Board of Public Works, know about Clean Line Energy, the offer they have proposed to us, and the risks and rewards that come with. 


MoPSC Report and Order on Grain Belt Express

On August 16, 2017 the Hannibal Board of Public Works learned that the Missouri Public Service Commission did not believe it had authority to grant the Grain Belt Express Clean Line, LLC (GBE) application to construct a transmission line into the state.  To read the HBPW press release concerning this decison, click HERE