HBPW crew members are continuing restoration efforts this morning across our service area.  Additional contracted tree trimming crews have been called in as well as mutual aid assistance through the Missouri Public Utility Alliance from across the state to assist with power restoration.

These crews will be directed to affected areas by additional HBPW staff who are familiar with the area.  Our dispatch center has been able to review all voicemails left by callers from yesterday, so we are aware of those concerns.  We will continue to be in contact with E911 throughout this storm event to ensure all concerns are addressed.

Please remember to not approach any downed power lines in your area.  Contact our dispatch center so we can respond.  Never assume the line is de-energized just because it is on the ground.

Due to the large number of individual service outages, it is going to take time to get service restored.

If you already know you have damage to your service entrance cable or meter base, it is advised to contact an electrician to inspect your issue and then contact our dispatch center with additional details.  This will aid in getting service restored sooner.

Additional localized outages are possible due to continued falling of trees and limbs.  Please continue to contact our dispatch center at 573-221-0955 if you have recently lost power and we will address those concerns as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your continued patience.