To view the Fiscal Year Ending June 30th, 2024 Final Budget, please click the link HBPW Fiscal Year 2024 Budget.

The 5-Year Plan serves a dual purpose in that it notifies the City of the utility's planned capital improvements and additions and also forms the beginning of the utility's budgeting process.  The Plan was developed after meetings with all Supervisors who have responsibility for capital projects and purchases.  Items from the previous Plan are reviewed and revised as needed.

When the HBPW management and Board prepare the final operating budget, some capital projects are inevitably reduced or moved into a subsequent fiscal year to accommodate the other needs of the utility's budget, such as operating revenues, debt service payments and required operating ratios.

To view the HBPW 5-Year Plan, click the link HBPW Five Year Plan of Capital Improvements

Annual Report & Audit

Published in the late fall of each year, this report contains highlights of the previous year and audited financial reports.

You may call us at (573) 221-8050 or contact us with your name and address to receive a printed copy of the report with complete financial information.

Or you may download annual reports and audits by year below.