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Please click the button below to sign up for service.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 573-221-8050.

There are certain circumstances that require a new customer to make a deposit. The qualifications are listed below.

Utility Deposit Information

Utility Deposits are required for the following:

  • Commercial or Residential accounts who rent, lease, or purchase on contract.
  • All commercial accounts with an average monthly utility cost of $1,500.00 or more.
  • The Hannibal Board of Public Works reserves the right to require a utility deposit from any account holder with a less than excellent credit history.

Utility Deposit Fees:

  • Residential - $200.00 minimum or two (2) times the average monthly bill, whichever is more, with a maximum of $400.00 for electric, water, and sewer services.
  • Commercial - $400.00 minimum or two (2) times the average monthly bill, whichever is more.

All averages are calculated using 12 months of consumption during a period the property was occupied. If the history is not available a comparable property can be used.

Utility deposits can be made in cash, check, or credit / debit card. Surety Bonds or Irrevocable Letter of Credit will also be accepted for utility deposit.

*All deposits must be paid in full prior to service connection. The deposit is security for final billing and cannot be applied to delinquent accounts in lieu of payment.

Connection Fees

Connection Fees are required for:

  • Water Taps and Sewer Taps

Please contact the business office for current rates at (573) 221-8050.

How Does the HBPW Read Your Meter?

Starting in January of 2005, the Hannibal Board of Public Works (HBPW) has replaced every electric and water meter for the entire City of Hannibal. During this meter replacement project, automated meter reading (AMR) technology was also integrated into each meter.

The AMR technology allows the HBPW Business Office to obtain a reading from each electric and water meter on a daily basis. Requests for these daily readings are sent through the existing power distribution network to each electric meter. The electric meter is fitted with an intelligent circuit board that is programmed to read specific water meters.

This AMR system gives the Business Office several advantages including:

  • The ability to obtain on-demand readings and verifications (deliverable within 20 seconds of the request) Tamper and/or theft of services
  • Tracking of voltage drops or loss for each electric meter
  • Utilizing this AMR technology, the HBPW has improved the accuracy of reading your meter as well as reducing the need to send our employees to read or verify information.

If you have any questions concerning this technology, please contact the Business Office at (573) 221-8050 or visit the Contact Us page to submit an online request.