Advanced Meter Infrastructure

The Hannibal Board of Public Works has used automated meter reading technology since 2004.  We are continuing to embrace new technology by moving to the next generation of metering.  We are upgrading both the electric and water metering system to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that will allow bidirectional communication from our office to each meter.  This new metering method will provide our customers with new benefits including hourly interval data which could be useful to customers by giving them additional details about their daily usage.

Do you have any questions?

AMI is a technology that allows two-way communication between electric meters, water meters, and the HBPW.

The new metering technology collects usage data in various intervals.  Residential electric meters will be configured to send 15-minute interval data and water meters are configured to collect hourly usage.  Electric meters have other parameters that are collected such as voltage and temperature.  Each meter then transmits this data to HBPW via a radio collection network.  HBPW staff also have the ability to remotely communicate with these meters to obtain on-demand readings, disconnect and reconnect electric power.

No.  AMI has been around for many years and has been implemented in other communities in our area and throughout the United States.

There will be no additional customer billing charges for this new technology.  The entire upgrade project was funded from the normal operating budget.  As we continue to better analyze the data, realized financial benefits will continue to fund the maintenance for this system.

In short, the system will provide both you and the HBPW with more efficient information.  Customers will have access to the detailed metering information via our SmartHub application.  This new metering technology will aid us in keeping operating costs low.  The data will continue to be used to determine electric network improvements and give better oversight throughout the distribution system.  Safety, both for our labor force and you, when it comes to service connection related services by reducing vehicle and fuel costs as well as labor.

A brief list of other benefits include:

  • Customer usage monitoring
  • Reduction of vehicle emissions by reducing truck rolls
  • Better indicators of potential water leaks
  • Customer privacy by reducing the need for HBPW staff to enter customers property
  • Reduced risk to HBPW staff like dog encounters, vehicle incidents, or other related job hazards
  • Fewer estimated bills
  • Outage notification - currently being researched on how best to notify both HBPW and each customer


No.  HBPW's deployment of this technology stops at the meter.  We have no intentions of offering programs to control the load of consumer devices or appliances.  If, in the future, there is a benefit for HBPW to offer some type of load control management program, enrollment would be on a voluntary basis by each customer.

The AMI meters operate at a safe frequency below common items like baby monitors, smartphones, WiFi routers, or microwaves.  The Electromagnetic Spectrum graphic also lists other common household items for reference.

Yes.  If you do not wish to have AMI metering, please refer to opt-out policy for more details.

The HBPW account holder must enroll in the Opt-Out Program after reviewing the terms and conditions of the Opt-Out policy.

Please contact our office at 573-221-8050 to speak with our Business Office Manager if you have any other questions or feel free to send us a message via our website contact form.