Every year during the first week of October, the HBPW, among thousands of other public utilities across the county, officially celebrate Public Utilities Week! It is during this week that we spend our time giving back to the community in which we serve. Last week, HBPW employees gave back to the Hannibal community in a variety of ways:
– Picked up trash in Sodalis Park and along Bear Creek and Warren Barrett Drive
– Removed vines, power washed, and stained the pergola at Veterans Elementary School
– Repainted the front steps and refinished a table at the Hannibal Free Public Library
– Completed stormwater stenciling at various locations in the city of Hannibal
– Installed electrical outlets at Learning Opportunities Quality Works
– Patched up drywall and poured concrete for the front steps at AVENUES
– Put together Buddy Packs for the Hannibal School District
– Repainted fire hydrants at various locations in the city of Hannibal
– Mowed, trimmed, and picked up trash at Robinson Cemetery
– Completed event tear down at Project Community Connect
These service projects took a lot of hard work and coordination. We thank all of the HBPW employees who volunteered their time and talents last week to benefit the Hannibal community! We also thank all of the HBPW employees who kept operations running smoothly while their colleagues were completing these service projects.
*From left to right: Cindy Price, Senior Billing Analyst, Todd Harsell, Maintenance Electrician, Cindy Creameans, Custodian, and Logan Steinkamp, Sewer Crew, find a shopping cart as well as other trash in Sodalis Park during last week’s Missouri Stream Team event with General Mills.
*From left to right: Matt Livesay, Journeyman Lineman, Ben Maple, Journeyman Lineman, and Paul Trenhaile, Finance Director, complete stormwater stenciling on Stardust Drive.
*Bob Dillon, Sewer Crew, paints the stairs at the Hannibal Free Public Library.
*Matt Livesay, Journeyman Lineman, helps put together Buddy Packs for the Hannibal School District.
*Matt Munzlinger, Director of Operations, mows down the grass at Robinson Cemetery.
*Matt Livesay, Journeyman Lineman, and Cindy Price, Senior Billing Analyst, prep the fire hydrant for a fresh coat of paint.
*From left to right: Bruce Goodwin, Journeyman Lineman, Joe Darnell, GIS Technician, Justin Carper, Journeyman Lineman, Matt Munzlinger, Director of Operations, and Darrin Gordon, General Manager, finish cleaning up Robinson Cemetery.
*Trey Gander, Sewer Crew, and Mat Findlay, Water Crew, remove vines from the pergola at Veteran’s Elementary School.
*Joe Darnell, GIS Technician, and Justin Carper, Journeyman Lineman, prepare to mud the newly constructed dry wall at AVENUES.