Hannibal Board of Public Works Linemen gone 45 days for Storm Restoration in Virgin Islands

February 20, 2018 – Hannibal, MO – Hannibal Board of Public Works Line Superintendent and four Journeymen Linemen left the continental U.S. on November 25, 2017 and traveled to the Virgin Islands to help restore electric service after two Category 5 hurricanes laid waste to their power system last September.  They took with them two HBPW bucket trucks loaded with supplies, which were transported by cargo ship to the islands. 

The five linemen were gone 45 days, missing both the Christmas and New Year’s holidays at home in order to restore power to the island of St. Croix.  The crew returned on January 11th to a warm welcome from other HBPW staff.  This isn’t the only time HBPW linemen left for an extended period of time to help with storm restoration.  Last September, linemen, along with two bucket trucks and a one-half ton pickup, were dispatched to the Orlando, Florida area to restore electric service that was devastated by Hurricane Irma.  Those linemen were gone for 17 days. 

Other linemen from across Missouri also sent personnel to the Virgin Islands for storm restoration including Independence Power & Light, City of Harrisonville, Mo., Columbia Water & Light, and Macon Municipal Utilities. 

“Staying in a group was beneficial because there is power in numbers,” says Electric Line Superintendent, Jared Stewart, whose group of linemen worked with other Missouri crews while in the Virgin Islands.  “With more linemen, we had more equipment and were able to get the work done quicker.  It spread the work load out better and work got done faster.” 

This is the first time HBPW Linemen have traveled outside the continental U.S. for storm restoration. 

To view photos of HBPW linemen assisting with storm restoration, please visit the Hannibal Board of Public work’s Facebook page.