Hannibal Board of Public Works Hires Stormwater Department

October 23, 2017 – Hannibal, MO – Since the passage of the resolution by the Hannibal City Council in June authorizing the Hannibal Board of Public Works to implement a stormwater utility, HBPW staff have taken several steps in bringing the development of the new utility to fruition.  During the HBPW September board meeting, it was announced who would fill the new positions created by the development of the new utility. 

Mathew Munzlinger was named the Stormwater Department Supervisor.  He is also the Utility Planning and Construction Engineer and the Sewer Collection Supervisor, and has been with the company for ten years.  Mr. Munzlinger holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics and has been a registered Engineer in the State of Missouri since 2007. 

Andrea Campbell was named the Stormwater Department Coordinator and will work alongside the Supervisor on all compliance permits.  Mrs. Campbell will also coordinate all Stream Team activities, a task previously held by the Department of Public Works. 

Joe Darnell was named the GIS Technician (Geographic Information Systems) for the Stormwater Department.  Mr. Darnell has over 15 years of experience working with the GIS mapping system and will bring a vast amount of knowledge to the position. 

The HBPW Board of Directors was presented a budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year in July as well as a five-year capital plan.  The utility is also securing funding to sustain the department until a revenue source can be implemented.

For additional information, please visit the ‘Stormwater Department’ link on the HBPW website at www.hannibalbpw.org


Download a PDF of the press release HERE