Water Conservation Warning Lifted (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

8:00 AM

The Water Treatment Plant and system tanks are back to normal water levels as of this morning.  The Water Conservation Warning has been lifted.  Feel free to use water as you normally would.  Please note that the Boil Order is still in effect until Thursday, June 26th at 4:20 PM.  Any water that you consume still needs to be boiled until that time. You can find additional Boil Order instructions HERE.


HBPW Issues Water Conservation Warning (Monday, June 23, 2014)

Water in storage at the Water Treatment Plant is being depleted faster than expected.  Therefore a Water Conservation Warning is being issued for all Hannibal citizens.  We highly encourage everyone to use as little water as possible over the next 48 hours as we work to get the Water Plant up and running as normal. 

In the meantime, you may see a drop in water pressure, change in water color, and/or lack of water completely.  Those that live in higher elevations will see a change in their water sooner than those that live at lower elevations.  As our clean water levels decrease, there will be a drop in the water pressure that will require certain residents to be put under a 48-hour Boil Order.

To view the most recent Boil Order notices, please click HERE

As you work to conserve water, here are a few tips that you can implement in and around your home. 

Water Conservation Tips


  • When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run. Fill one basin with wash water and the other with rinse water
  • Dishwashers use less water than washing by hand, but only run full loads
  • Try not to cook using large amounts of water


  • When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of the load. But only wash clothes if absolutely necessary right now
  • Reuse your towels as long as possible, don’t wash them after one use


  • Take 5-minute showers instead of baths
  • When washing your hands, turn the water off while you lather
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth
  • Turn off the water while washing your hair
  • Rinse your razor in the sink, fill it up with a few inches of water instead of running water the whole time
  • Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Dispose of tissues, insects and other such waste in the trash rather than the toilet.


  • Do not use recreational water toys
  • Do not water lawn or plants