Electric Department

Meet Our Electric Crew

Back Row:  From Left - Matthew Lay, Bruce Goodwin, Justin Carper, Adam Schneider, Chad Comstock
Front Row:  From Left - Matthew Livesay, Andy Quinlin, Kenny Garcia, Mark Salter, Jared Stewart (Line Superintendent)

Job Tasks

Training & Continued Education

In order to be hired by the Hannibal Board of Public Works, all candidates are required to have vocational training in electrical line work where they earn apprentice status.  From there, each apprentice is encouraged to participate in the four-year Apprentice Lineman Program through Missouri Public Utility Alliance, of which the HBPW is a member.  This four-year program is designed to provide entry-level electric employees with the knowledge they need to perform their job safely and efficiently.  Throughout the four years, each participant is required to have a minimum of 7200 hours of on-the-job training. 

Upon graduating, the apprentice becomes a certified journeymen lineman.  From there, these linemen have the opportunity to become a Lead Lineman and are responsible for the crew in the field.  The HBPW currently has three lead linemen. 

The HBPW required multiple trainings for the electric crew including Hot Glove Testing, Die Electric Equipment Testing, and Pole Top Training once a year.


The Board of Public Works is a total requirement customer of Ameren UE, and we purchase in excess of 200,000,000 KWH annually.

In addition, the Board of Public Works maintains Hannibal's approximately 120 miles of electric lines, 6 substations, and more than 1,700 streetlights.