Power Outages

01/03/2021 – IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 6:00 PM


The HBPW has now downgraded emergency efforts to a continued monitoring and individual response status.  The constant restoration efforts from all parties involved have allowed us to reach a point where the only services still in need of restoration are ones needing significant repair before our crews can perform reconnection.  This type of response is done out of caution and safety for the overall electric network and for the safety and well-being of each customer.

All crews will remain on stand-by for any reconnection of services or to respond to any additional isolated outages.  Please be aware that due to current weather conditions and the forecasted increase in temperatures, there is a possibility for additional isolated events due to the thawing of ice and snow on trees.

Please continue to contact our dispatch center at 573-221-0955 if you have any questions about your service or wish to report downed lines or tree related issues.  Since this event took place over an extended holiday weekend, should our commercial and industrial customers find issues when opening for business on Monday, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

As always, we are grateful for the patience and understanding our customers have shown during this challenging event.


01/03/2021 - 2:05 PM

We are still making great strides in getting all service restored.  All main line circuits from our multiple substations out to each neighborhood and down to individual services are still being inspected.  With continued efforts this morning, we have restored service to all parts across our service territory.  We estimate we have 25 or fewer individual services that need to be restored.  Several of those require additional repairs from electricians before our crew can reconnect service but we are standing by when needed.

The quick recovery efforts could not have been possible without the assistance of our mutual aid partnership and the extra tree removal assistance.  We also want to thank the community for the constant stream of information related to downed lines, tree related issues, concern for their friends and neighbors, and for their patience as we work through this challenge.

We want our customers to know if they still have power related issues or concerns please continue to contact our dispatch center at 573-221-0955 so we can offer as much as assistance as possible.  If there are still tree limbs or low hanging wires in the area, please let us know and we will dispatch a crew to address these issues.


01/03/2021 – 8:00 AM


Recovery efforts after the New Year ice storm are continuing with maximum effort.  We were able to make great progress with the assistance from our mutual aid partners from Columbia Water & Light, Harrisonville, Macon Municipal Utilities, Rolla Municipal Utilities, and The City of Higginsville and these crews were greatly assisted by additional support from Townsend Tree Service.

Throughout yesterday and into the evening, focus was given to clearing debris and restoring power to large pockets of customers and ensuring main line circuits were in service.  At the same time, smaller crews were diligently restoring services at individual address that experienced some type of storm related damage which required additional repairs from electricians.

We ask our customers to continue to report any downed lines or limbs on the lines in their area so we can send omeone to address those concerns.  Please remember to not go near any downed or low hanging lines and never assume the line is de-energized.

We also want to thank the many customers who have contacted our office who gave us information about the many issues across our service territory.  The concerns for the safety of their friends and neighbors who may not have the ability to contact us or temporarily locate elsewhere truly shows we are part of a caring community.  We also thank you for the well-wishes for the safety of our many crew members who are working in these challenging conditions.

With the change in temperature and the slow melting of ice and snow, there is still a potential for localized outages due to falling trees and branches.  Our crews will continue to respond to these issues as soon as possible.

If you have sustained damage to your service entrance or meter base, it is advised to contact an electrician to inspect your issue and then contact our dispatch center with additional details.  This will aid in getting service restored sooner as our crew members are not authorized to repair private meter base related damages.

Please continued to call our dispatch center at 573-221-0955.  Our additional staff will continue to answer your calls and respond to messages as quickly as possible.  If you are still without service or have questions on restoration status, again please contact.

Thank you again for your continued patience.


01/02/2021 – 8:30 AM


HBPW crew members are continuing restoration efforts this morning across our service area.  Additional contracted tree trimming crews have been called in as well as mutual aid assistance through the Missouri Public Utility Alliance from across the state to assist with power restoration.

These crews will be directed to affected areas by additional HBPW staff who are familiar with the area.  Our dispatch center has been able to review all voicemails left by callers from yesterday, so we are aware of those concerns.  We will continue to be in contact with E911 throughout this storm event to ensure all concerns are addressed.

Please remember to not approach any downed power lines in your area.  Contact our dispatch center so we can respond.  Never assume the line is de-energized just because it is on the ground.

Due to the large number of individual service outages, it is going to take time to get service restored.

If you already know you have damage to your service entrance cable or meter base, it is advised to contact an electrician to inspect your issue and then contact our dispatch center with additional details.  This will aid in getting service restored sooner.

Additional localized outages are possible due to continued falling of trees and limbs.  Please continue to contact our dispatch center at 573-221-0955 if you have recently lost power and we will address those concerns as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your continued patience.


01/01/2021 - 5:45 PM

Power restoration efforts are continuing however due to declining weather conditions, our progress has been slowed.  We have called in additional tree trimming crews to address the many downed trees and limbs being affected by the ice and snow load.  We have also reached out to our mutual aid partners to send additional electric line crew personnel to speed up our recovery efforts however current road conditions across the state are slowing their response.

Our dispatch centering has been fielding calls since 5:00am this morning and additional staff has been brought in to assist however the call volume has continued to increase throughout the afternoon so customers may have a difficult time reaching our operators on the first attempt.  We are continuing to staff our dispatch center with additional staff 24/7 and will address all calls as they are received.

If you have any damage to your electric service or meter base to your home or business, we are advising you to contact an electrician to further assess any damages.  This will aid in the overall restoration process.  If you are a renter, please reach out to your landlord if you have issues with your service entrance cable or meter base.

If you see any downed power lines in your area, please do not approach them.  Contact our dispatch center so our crews and assess the situation.  Please do not assume the power line is de-energized.

At this time, we are unable to predict when power will fully be restored to each area.  Some areas that experienced wide-spread damage due to tree limbs or broken poles, will take longer to repair.  Some areas which we have already repairs earlier today are again experiencing outages because of snow and ice accumulation.  This may mean restoration to those areas could occur sometime tomorrow.

If you have a medical necessity, please contact the local emergency room for additional guidance.  If you or someone within your care requires oxygen and you do not have adequate backup supply, again please contact the emergency room or local medical supply organizations for further assistance.

Please continue to contact our dispatch center at 573-221-0955 to report any issues.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to restore service.

Power Outages (Scheduled)


Average Service Availability Index (ASAI) for

the HBPW Electric system for

December 2020 to date is 99.992%

Last year the ASAI for this Month was 99.988%.

01/16/202111:08 am32Ford/52Patricia LaneSquirrel
01/14/202111:05 am52Ford/52Hamlin HeightsUnknown
01/12/20213:05 am170IndianMounds/33HomesteadTree
01/12/20211:13 pm18Ford/53Bird StBird
01/11/20212:05 pm30IndianMounds/34WildwoodTree
01/10/20219:31 am19IndianMounds/34Clover RdSquirrel
01/08/20218:29 am24SouthSide/22ValleyUnknown
01/05/202112:12 pm43IndianMounds/34JerichoTree
01/05/202112:11 am76Ford/52SunsetTree
12/30/20204:33 am57IndianMounds/33Breaker 33Equipment
12/30/20204:33 am57IndianMounds/33Breaker 33Equipment
12/30/20204:33 am102IndianMounds/33Breaker 33Equipment
12/30/20204:33 am132IndianMounds/33Breaker 33Equipment
12/30/20204:33 am407IndianMounds/33HiawathaEquipment
12/30/20207:35 am41Oakwood/12Clinic RdUnknown
12/27/20208:25 am60IndianMounds/32Oakridge PondSquirrel
12/22/20209:25 am55IndianMounds/34JerichoSquirrel
12/14/20209:45 am30IndianMounds/33CoachlightSquirrel
12/12/20203:05 am165IndianMounds/33HomesteadTree
12/10/20209:12 am29IndianMounds/33ArapahoSquirrel
12/05/20207:48 am54Ford/52WindmereSquirrel
12/04/202011:15 am37Ford/53Hayden Park LaneSquirrel
11/29/20207:25 am43IndianMounds/34JerichoSquirrel
11/27/20204:35 pm40IndianMounds/33CoachlightUnknown
11/25/20206:26 am54Ford/54Crescent DrTree
11/22/20209:35 am35Oakwood/15OwensSquirrel
11/20/202010:06 am26SouthSide/23NorthSquirrel