The Stormwater Advisory Committee (SWAC) was formed on February 23, 2023 after the HBPW hosted a community stormwater workshop. The goal of this workshop was to select a total of 15 citizens, who represent both commercial and residential properties in the city of Hannibal, to form a committee that would be responsible for selecting a funding mechanism for a stormwater utility. The chosen funding mechanism was proposed to Hannibal voters on the April 2, 2024 ballot as Proposition S, which can be viewed below or by clicking here. Ultimately, the citizens of Hannibal voted down Proposition S with 1,208 'no' votes, to 733 'yes' votes.

For now, the HBPW will continue to secure infrastructure problems temporarily with a combination of steel plates, road closures, and other precautions to prioritize the safety of Hannibal citizens. The Stormwater Department will continue to prioritize MS4 water quality regulations. Staff is consulting with the HBPW Board of Directors and City Officials concerning the next steps in securing a reliable funding solution.

Below is a list of all meetings held by the SWAC along with presentations that have aided in their selection of a funding mechanism for a stormwater utility: