Every time it rains, water runs off the land as stormwater. Other forms of precipitation, such as melted snow and ice also are stormwater. Stormwater flows over rooftops, lawns, driveways, streets, and into the nearest storm drains and/or drainage ditches.


Anything dumped or dropped on the ground or in the gutter can end up in the nearest body of water. Stormwater systems were originally intended to route rainwater quickly off the streets during a heavy storm. Unfortunately, these systems can carry pollutants through city streets and straight to our waters. Unlike the water that goes down a sink or toilet in your home, stormwater is untreated and flows directly into our local streams and rivers.

Examples of pollutants that threaten our waterways are fertilizers and pesticides, soaps and detergents, vehicle fluids (motor oil, gasoline, anti-freeze), silt and sediment, pet waste left on the ground, paints, grease, sewage, trash, and other debris. Stormwater pollution results from materials and chemicals washed into the storm drains from streets, gutters, neighborhoods, industrial sites, parking lots and construction sites.


Don’t dump: Never discard trash or yard waste down storm drains or in the street.

Recycle used oil: Never place used motor oil in the trash or pour down storm drains.  Contact the local auto parts stores in Hannibal to see if they have a free motor oil or oil filter recycling program for the public. They will accept used motor oil as well as oil filters.

Use lawn chemicals sparingly and safely: Always follow label instructions and never apply before rain or watering the lawn, unless directed.

Pick up after your pets: When walking your pet, remember to bring extra bags to pick up and dispose of waste properly.

Sweep driveways and sidewalks clean: Remove debris and residue that could end up in a storm drain from concrete and paved areas around your house.

Report Illicit Discharge or Dumping:  We all share responsibility in keeping our community’s grounds and waters clean. If you have witnessed an act that may be in violation of the law, you can send an anonymous report of the incident by completing the form below.