Why is it important to manage stormwater?

Every time it rains, water runs off the land as stormwater. Other forms of precipitation, such as melted snow and ice also are stormwater.  In urban environments, hard surfaces prevent water from soaking into the ground. This stormwater will "run off" into the City's conveyance system (storm drains, ditches, etc.) discharging directly into streams, creeks and the Mississippi River. Stormwater runoff also picks up pollutants, trash and debris along the way, which can create health and safety issues for residents and wildlife.

Hannibal needs adequate stormwater management to protect homes and businesses, as well as the environment. Gone unchecked, stormwater could cause flooding, erosion and pollution.

Are storm sewers and sanitary sewers the same thing?

Storm sewers and sanitary sewer mains are not the same thing. Sanitary sewers carry waste that is treated before it re-enters the environment whereas stormwater runoff is not treated and drains directly into the local creeks and streams.

Are we being charged for stormwater (rain)?

No, residents are not being charged for rain.  Although the stormwater program is in place to manage the effects of stormwater runoff, the tax is no way related to the amount of rain that falls.

How will revenue from stormwater be used?

Revenue from stormwater will be used solely for stormwater management in the City of Hannibal. This includes: replacing aging infrastructure, maintaining existing systems, and complying with state and federal regulation.

Why do I have to pay when I do not have any drainage problems?

All properties in the City contribute stormwater to the system, so all properties should contribute to the cost of maintaining the system. Although you may not have issues directly on your property, the runoff from your property may cause issues downstream.

A portion of the utility’s revenue will be used to maintain and make water quality improvements throughout the entire existing system.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

If you still have questions you would like answered, please call our offices at 573-221-8050, or email the Stormwater Department.